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and so this is Christmas...

23 December 2010

Thank you for another lovely year here on my blog - for turning up here, for being interested in what I write about, and for your thoughts and comments. You are the reason I keep showing up!

I'm never quite sure just how much of my personal story to blog about, but I feel now, at the close of the year, I'd like to share the reason I lost my blogging mojo way back in June, and why I've been floating in and out of here ever since.

It's easy to think bloggers lead a charmed existence where everything is picture perfect, but of course we're real people with real lives... not always styled for photography! In June my husband and I split up after being together over 20 years - since I was a teenager. So there's been a lot going on around here this year and for the last 6 months I've been adjusting to a new life and a new beginning.

Christmas is bound to bring both highs and lows, but I'm looking forward to opening my 2011 diary and a symbolic fresh start. Roxy is bursting with excitement about Christmas (only 2 more sleeps!) and her joy and enthusiasm is contagious. I am truly blessed to be the mother of my precious little girl and can't wait to wake up with her on Christmas morning... and every morning.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a bright and beautiful 2011. I hope your Christmas stockings and hearts are filled with love and happiness, and all you wish for.

As always I have lots of plans and ideas for next year and I'm determined to find the energy (and time management skills!) to make them a reality. How about you?