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a blogiday

22 June 2010

Image:  Holtze Eisma found via Bliss

Is blogiday the right term for a blog holiday? Cos that's what I've decided I need. As you've probably noticed my heart's not been in it for the past few weeks. So I've decided to take a blogiday to focus on other stuff that needs my attention, like, for example... me.

I'll be back soonish, not sure when. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, but if you subscribe or put the red thread in your reader you'll know when I'm back hanging out here again.

In the meantime why don't you leave a comment on this post with a link to a favourite blog that you think I, and my lovely readers, may like. Not your own blog (although your name/id should link to that!), but someone who inspires and delights you through their blog. I'll look forward to visiting your recommendations.

Take care,