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Berrima Vintage

08 April 2010

On the way back from Canberra the other weekend, Julia and I stopped in Berrima. We intended to make the most of not having husbands and daughters in tow and enjoyed a late leisurely lunch, a nice walk and a poke around in a totally awe-inspiring antique shop.

Peppergreen Antiques (edit: my original post mistakenly called this shop Peppercorn, but Kirsty gave me the heads up about my mistake) has the most unbelievable collections of, well, everything. Floor to ceiling shelves of vintage quilts, embroidered tablecloths, cutlery, crockery, books, curios, ceramics, bottles, spools of cotton, walking sticks, buttons....

...displayed in gorgeous antique shop cabinets. If you're heading to the Southern Highlands make sure you don't miss Peppergreen. I guarantee you'll be picking your jaw up off the floor!

I took these photos on my iPhone... disappointingly they are mostly better than the ones I took on my DSLR. Yes, I know: read the manual Lisa!