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Life Instyle

23 February 2010

Tomorrow night I am setting up for my first ever trade fair. eeekk! I'm lucky enough to have been accepted into First Instyle, the curated design space of the Life Instyle boutique trade event here in Sydney. I'll be hangin' there with my Sweeties.

Ginger's little brother Freddie will be tagging along too. Freddie is a lovely little thing but he does like to pretend he's a monster and he leaps out of trees to scare Ginger and her friends Mimi, Molly and Daisy. No sneak peeks I'm afraid, but I'll post some pictures of him next week and he'll be available from my website soon.

Life Instyle runs from Thursday through to Sunday, so I'm not sure that I'll be around here much during that time.

In the meantime, check out the Life Instyle website (click on the who's exhibiting link at the top) - there are some fabulous products on show and lots of up and coming brands and talent in the First Instyle section.

Have a great week.