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Monday BlogDay: Kris's Color Stripes

04 January 2010

One of my favourite reads, which I've blogged about before, is Stephanie Levy's Artists Who Blog. It was there that I found today's featured blog: Kris's Color Stripes.

Kristina's fascination with colour stems from her background in fashion - in particular cutting stripes from fabric samples and playing with colour combinations. Her blog is inspiration overload with Kris's own gorgeous photography, colour palettes, illustrations and creations, as well as vintage and other finds. The colour palettes are so delicious aren't they. I've only shown the colour stripes Kris has taken from her own photos, but she also creates palettes from vintage illustrations, nature, fabrics, and more... wonderful inspiration for any decorating or creative project. And beautiful eye candy at any time.

Kristina also creates intricately detailed mushroom scultures, lovely illustrations, paper cuts, and so much more. Is there no end to her creativity! How amazing is this textile notebook?

Kris's 2010 illustrated calendar is available here on Etsy, and the mushrooms from her shop.

I intend to go back and drink in every one of Kris's posts later today when I can relax with a cup of green tea by my side - I can't wait. I'm so happy I came across Kris's Color Stripes, I hope you love it as much as I do.