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hello there

15 December 2009

Well hello there, I'm surprised (but grateful) you're still hanging out with it being so quiet around here lately... I'm still trying to get on top of things but not really succeeding yet. I have blog posts planned, including a GiVeAwAy later this week... when I find the time to photograph some things.

If you've just found me here welcome! I met so many lovely folks at all the markets I've been doing and some of you may have found your way here. I feel like you've just dropped in for a cuppa and a chat and caught me with dishes piled high in the sink and beds unmade... don't get the wrong impression that's not what it's usually like here at the red thread. I'm normally greeting visitors at the door, floors gleaming and muffins in the oven.

My apologies. Things will be back to normal here soon I hope. Although with Christmas looming my plan is to get work finished and orders packed this week and move on to Christmas preparation next week. Then I might have some time off. I'm so behind... Our tree is up but that's the extent of it for now.

Loving this evocative desktop image from PixelGirl Presents found via How About Orange. (Even though it's nothing like our December in Australia)