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Running to Catch Up

24 August 2009

I did have good intentions of being back here today, but it seems good intentions aren't enough! I hadn't counted on all the catching up I had to do - life, work, etc.

I had such a wonderful time meeting so many really lovely people and chatting all day for 5 days straight. No wonder I'm still tired! Thanks so much to those of you who came by to say hello. It made my day to meet you all. And big thanks to my lovely helpers Amy, Bec and Donna who gave me some breaks and time to shop and watch Handmade Nation (which I loved). Thanks lovelies!

I'll get some images and links together to review some of my crafty neighbours from the incubator section later in the week. In the meantime, here's a few snaps showing how my stall looked.

I had this idea to write "the red thread" on the wall behind my stand. With a red marker that kept dieing on me 40 minutes later I began to question my decision. It turned out OK in the end, though I might not try it again. You might be able to get an idea how things looked from the photos, but it was a bit difficult to photograph the stand with that million watt light above it. I strung a red thread along the back wall like a clothes line to hang things off... it looks like a bit of a mess in the photos, but I think it was OK in person.

Edit: I just found a couple of better photos (above) on my "good" camera, so I replaced the original ones. I took these shots before the show opened... my display changed bit bit the next day as I mucked around with the placement of things.

Back tomorrow... promise!