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More prep for the Stitches and Craft Show

01 July 2009

My preparations this week

The kits I am intending to make and sell are still evolving and being refined. This week I have been finalising my designs ready to have them printed onto fabric. These are a few little characters that I have been working on.

The cupcake and hedgehog still need more refinement.

I got my test yardage back from Spoonflower, and sent a test file to Karma Kraft. I was disappointed with the colours of the Spoonflower fabric, so I'm hoping that the results from Karma Kraft will be better. I also visited Direct Digital Print here in Sydney, and although they do promise to work hard on colour matching, they are cost-prohibitive for this project. Even with the exchange rate and international shipping both Spoonflower and Karma Kraft are substantially cheaper. Having said that, the clock is ticking and they are my back stop. So far Karma Kraft have given me fantastic customer service and are promising a fast turnaround... so fingers crossed. I'll do a complete review of my experiences with both Spoonflower and Karma Kraft in the coming weeks.

On my list for next week

- Finalise all fabric designs - except for final colour choice, which will be made when I get my test back from Karma Kraft.
- Source suppliers for all the other components in my kits and packaging
- Work out pricing (total costs/wholesale/retail) and decide on the number of kits to make in the first batch