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Show prep this week

08 July 2009

OK, before I tell you what I've achieved this week just lower your expectations a little. Thanks. Now just a little further... umm, maybe a touch more? OK I think we're good to go now.

I'm not sure that I've actually managed to cross anything off my list this week. I've been doing bits and pieces of everything, but haven't achieved anything major. I'm still nervously waiting on my fabric test from Karma Kraft. It should be here any day now. I've been refining my fabric designs and writing some bits and pieces for my kits. There's been some greeting card designing and I sent a new business card off to be printed. I've also been testing out some ideas for the kits, doing lots of sketches and scribbling notes and ideas for the fabric designs, kits, packaging and my stand decoration and set up.

Along with my diary I've been using a fab planner from Muji (Japan) to write my daily lists on. It has the days written along the top of the page, and allows you to fill in the month and dates. It's so handy, I love it. You can see that I have decorated it with some of my washi tape. The flowers and pattern graphics are part of my fabric and card designs.
Edit: Oh my apologies for that terrible photo! I'm just not myself this week. Maybe I should just delete it all together...

On my list for next week

- Finalise all fabric designs - including final colour choice, which will be made when I get my test back from Karma Kraft.
- Source suppliers for all the other components in my kits and packaging
- Work out pricing (total costs/wholesale/retail) and decide on the number of kits to make in the first batch

If you've been following my progress and have a keen memory you'll realise that this list is exactly the same as last week's! I really hope that by next Wednesday I will have these things crossed off. Last week I was at Roxy's school for 2 days (one of them was spent doing canteen which was so much fun!), I spent a morning at Magnolia Square, plus I had graphic design work on and I've been battling a killer sore throat and a cold and generally feeling blah. Am I making excuses? Maybe!

There'll be progress this week...