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a thank you

05 May 2009

I bought this flower for you my friend to say thank you for reading my blog.

It's so important to know you are here reading along and clicking the links I find. I also really appreciate your comments, your input and perspectives on my posts. It's lovely for me to know you're there and that I'm not blogging in a vacuum.

I wanted to give a particular shout out to KittyMeow who is one of many who consistently makes the time to leave a little comment. And to AnkeArt who sent me a lovely email on the weekend. Being, in her words, a "constant reader" of my blog, Anke has come to know what inspires me and she sent me a link to something she thought I might like (I'll share it with you later today).

I really love making a connection with people through my blog. And I enjoy being a part of the whole big blogging community.

All your comments really do make my day, so please put your flower somewhere near by - like on your desk or bedside table - and when you see it or catch a hint of its perfume I hope you'll remember how special you are to me.

Is there someone you'd like to give a flower to today? Please feel free to leave a comment and include a link to that person too if you'd like to.