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Monday Blogday ~ High 5 :: Photography

04 May 2009

Why do I find blogging on Mondays so difficult? To be honest, one of the reasons I began this Monday BlogDay series is because it's an easy way for me to start the week. I love reading blogs and spend way too much time doing it, so my thought was to share a favourite blog with you each Monday and it would be a bit of a no brainer start for me (and hopefully enjoyable for you!). And yet I still find it so hard to wind up after the weekend. Always.

Maybe it's because I do have so many favourite blogs that I find it hard to decide on which one I should write about. I've been sitting here for ages tonight (Sunday evening) going from blog to blog, getting distracted and side tracked and not comitting to anything.

So today I'm going to give you a list of 5 blogs that I love because - amongst many other things - the [original] photography is so beautiful.

Enjoy your Monday - are you getting back into the swing of it after the weekend?