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Loving: Porcelain Vessels

05 March 2009

I bookmarked the Coe & Waito website sometime ago when I first found it, and as I am still trying (unsuccessfully) to edit my bookmarks, I have rediscovered it.

Alissa Coe and Carly Waito design and produce these stunning porcelain pieces in their studio in Toronto, Canada. Aren't they just perfection? I adore the simple organic shapes and the purity of the white porcelain.

Image Source: Coe & Waito

The pure whiteness of the Coe & Waito pieces really appeal to me, but I also love the gorgeous colour palettes used by two Australian companies: Mud Australia and Bison.

Mud handmakes their porcelain collection here in Sydney from either Limoges or imperial porcelain. Apart from the delicious colours the thing I love about Mud pieces is the beautiful and tactile contrast between the matt exterior and the glazed gloss interior. Owner and designer Shelly Simpson has built her business from the ground up and Mud Australia is now stocked all over the world. And she's a lovely person too!

Image Source: Mud Australia

Bison ceramics aren't porcelain - they are made from fine Australian stoneware clay - but I wanted to include them in this post anyway. Designed by Brian Tunks the range includes beautiful functional homewares.

I'm particularly smitten by these milk bottles.

Image Source: Bison

Quite some time ago I blogged about a fave porcelain vessel I was given (below). I love it. You can read the post here.