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04 March 2009

While having a little catch up read of Oh Joy! I saw some breathtaking contemporary chandeliers by Eva Menz. The images below show oversize beads covered in leather, mixed with chiffon covered crystal and vintage jewellery beads. They are suspended on sterling silver chains from a pleated round leather frame.

Then I clicked through to the Eva Menz website and found this incredible 'Red Princess' chandelier made from 1400 red origami lilies.

This installation in a Balinese resort is made of 3000 hand carved cow bones.

And this, called Saphire Rain, is part of a 'For One Night Only' series. It's made of 2000 crystal pearls and 500kg of ice, which melts and drips into the pool below over about 20 hours. How incredible is that?!

I have a number of dream jobs, and now I have added "apprentice to Eva Menz" to the list. They source and work with any materials a client requests to create bespoke chandeliers and installations, and 'embrace challenges and thrive on projects that cross boundaries and surpass preconceptions.' These pieces have certainly surpassed any preconceptions I had about chandeliers.

Image Source: Eva Menz