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02 March 2009

I have a lot of journals full of sketches and ideas, and ring binders full of tear sheets from magazines, but I don't have an inspiration board. Yet. I love these from the offices of Martha Stewart's magazine HQ. See more behind the scenes images at MS HQ here.

We are having our house painted later this month and I'm looking forward to having the hooks taken out of the walls and being able to arrange things how I want them, rather than being dictated by the previous owners' placement of picture hooks.

I plan to have an inspiration wall next to the window of my office/studio and some floating shelves behind my desk to house a changing display of artwork. I'll show you some before and after photos when we're finished. This is what I'm imagining:

I love this idea because it will allow me to change what's on display as often as I like without being constrained by hooks in the wall.

The image on the bottom right is from Domino, but I don't have reference to the origins of the other photos.