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Craft in the News

27 March 2009

Image Source: Meet me at Mike's

Crafting is on a roll these days, it's definitely cool and it's also defying the recession.

Pip Lincolne - the original Brown Owl, author of a new craft book, blogger and owner of Meet Me at Mike's, amongst many other things - was featured on the cover of The Age's Sunday magazine last weekend.

The article in 'M' begins:
Once the epitome of uncool, craft is making a comeback with a new generation. Rachelle Unreich threads up to find a burgeoning movement that is hip, political - and just a little divided.
And you can read the whole story here.

The second article, on msnbc, is titled Crafting: A Silver Lining in a Tough Economy. Check it out here.

'M' article found via Meet Me at Mike's blog.
msnbc article found via Cloud9.