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Nice Knits

27 February 2009

My lovely mother was an incredible knitter - she could knit the most complicated things in no time and with no trouble. Unfortunately it was before craft and knitting became cool again, so although I treasure all my Mum's hand knits there's nothing amongst them that I would really wear.

Maybe it's that feeling of 'home' that's drawing me to new hand knits. I'm loving these pieces by Ruth Cross, which are described as inspired by traditional methods in a contemporary setting. Now that's cool knitting. I especially love the long scarf.

It did occur to me that while all of the pieces on the Ruth Cross website look fab on the gorgeous model, some - like the cardigan - may take on a whole new (not so cool) look when worn by someone else. Like me!

Image Source: Ruth Cross

Ruth Cross is a company run by Ruth Bridgeman, which involves over 50 hand knitters scattered across Britain. Visit the Ruth Cross website here.