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I *Heart* Fridays: no more

27 February 2009

The second post ever on my blog, in August last year, started like this:

Everyone loves Fridays....
Even though my life isn't a 'Monday to Friday' existence: I have worked my own hours from my home office/studio for years; my husband's workdays aren't strictly weekdays; and our daughter isn't at school yet; Friday is still an anticipated and welcomed day.
I have decided to do a weekly "I *heart* Fridays" post featuring something that I love.

And I have posted about something I *heart* every Friday since then. But no more.

I thought it was an original idea until I came across Mrs French's blog Bliss this week. Mrs French does an I heart Monday post each week with a photo list of lots of things she loves. I didn't have Bliss bookmarked and I can't remember visiting it before, but I can't shake the feeling that I must have seen Bliss before I started blogging and unconsciously copied the idea. And I just can't stand the thought that that's what has happened, and I would hate for anyone reading my blog to think that I stole an idea from someone else.

So... please do visit Bliss because it's a really fab and lovely blog, and although I still *heart* Fridays, I won't be continuing with those posts.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!