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Japan Part 3: TV

12 February 2009

Kooky, crazy, funny, cute: Japanese TV. Fabulously designed sets and costumes... why would you expect anything less?

The image below is from my favourite show. Well, it wasn't quite a show, it only went for a few minutes. But those few minutes were so enjoyable! The two guys in the suits were in each 'episode', but the location and the remaining 4 people varied each time. Each day they were in a different location - a restaurant, swimming pool, gallery, etc. They started off the left of the screen and performed a set of 6 sequential moves to music. I'm trying to work out how to explain this, I'm finding it somewhat difficult being a visual person.

Ok, how about this:
Man 1 does move 1, then
Man 1 does move 2, while Man 2 does move 1, then
Man 1 does move 3, Man 2 does move 2, Man 3 does move 1,
etc, until they are all doing a movement, then they all take a step forward and keep repeating the pattern of 6 moves until they move off screen to the right.

The moves are choreographed so the 6 men interact with each other. e.g. the first man bends down to pick something up at the same time as the second man shoots his arms out over the first man's head.

Confused?! Take my word for it, it's really great to watch.