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Time on my hands

07 January 2009

Was it me who said just a few short days ago that I aim to be better with time management?! Ah yes, that would be me.

My husband and daughter have just left for a couple of days visiting his family and I am sitting here giddy with the excitement of having 48 hours to do what I want when I want, to wake up when I want to, and generally just be. But I am also sitting here feeling a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities. Should I spring clean the house, or get creating, make some phone calls or make a long cold drink (I'm talking ginger and soda, not G&T). I'm so gripped by indecision that I can't even decide what to blog about today.

I really do have a long list of things that need my attention, so maybe I should start by prioritising that list.

I'm going to start posting soon about our trip to Japan last year - I have so many gorgeous purchases to share with you. This is one of them: the sweetest little hand painted leaf-shaped dish.

OK, I'm going to make a long cold drink and a longer list.

Postscript: I didn't even mention that I could (and should) be doing "real" work: freelance graphic design, and The Red Thread design and admin! I do actually have to make a living.