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Monday BlogDay

12 January 2009

As I am sure I'll never get around to creating a blogroll I've decided that every Monday this year will be BlogDay here on The Red Thread. On BlogDay I'll share one - or sometimes more - of my fave blogs. I now have around 300 bookmarked (!), so it will also be a way for me to sort through, edit and categorise them a bit better. I fear though that even if I might be able to edit some out I am also adding more every week, so the list may continue to grow despite my efforts to stop this habit of collecting favourite blogs.

Kicking off Monday BlogDay is The Toy Society.

I just love the idea behind this project: "just a bunch of handmade toys looking for a nice home". The Toy Society started as a street art project here in Australia and it now has contributors all around the world. The idea is to leave a handmade toy in a public place to be found by a new owner. The makers photograph their toy and the 'drop' and the finders are encouraged to email The Toy Society about their find. I have only just found this wonderful blog - it's such a wonderful 'feel good' project and I'm definitely going to be making some toys.

Spread the love!

Image Source: The Toy Society