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I *heart* Fridays: I heart art in nature

11 January 2009

Ooops... where did the last few days disappear to? It's Sunday night already and I still haven't done my Friday post. Good intentions got me nowhere. And it's almost time to start blogging again for the new week! I'm going to continue on with my Friday post...

I love seeing art in nature. Whenever I go out for a walk I seem to be taking a lot of photos with my phone of the 'art' I find in nature. I really love that. When I walk I want to take everything in and really inhale my surroundings - through all my senses.

I *heart* these bark sculptures on the big gum trees in my street. They aren't spectacular by any means, but I think the shapes they make against the sky and the tree are beautiful.

I am also really drawn to the ever changing art created by shadows and light.

So often the ordinary things around us can be extraordinary if we take the time to really look.

Happy Friday/Sunday!