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Do you have an itchy child?

16 December 2008

I do. So many children have eczema and allergies these days. As the parent of one of those children of course I do everything I can to try to help. This includes eliminating Roxy's contact with anything that's chemical-based, like soap, shampoo, washing detergents. Of course there are products we can use, but they are quite limited... she even reacts to plain old Sorbelene. I also make sure she only wears cotton clothes, and unfortunately for her, we also have to restrict her diet.

I am on the mailing list of a wonderful website called Kumfy Kids, which is run by New Zealand mum Rebekka Plane. Kumfy Kids makes the most beautiful quality 100% organic cotton sleepsuits, baby wraps and accessories. Even if your child isn't prone to eczema or allergies organic cotton is a wonderful thing to wrap or dress them in. Kumfy Kids also sells various organic skin care ranges for children and our can't-live-without product: Tubigrip bandages. We are forever having to put wet dressings on Roxy's arms and legs and Tubigrips are fantastic. Instead of wrapping her in miles of bandages which need to be secured, the Tubigrip is a stretchy tube which you cut to the required length.

The Kumfy Kids website has a great resource page with helpful websites listed as well as parent support forums and other like-minded places to shop.

In Rebekka's latest newsletter she announced a fantastic last minute Christmas deal, and she has allowed me to share it with you. Kumfy Kids has 35% off everything in the store until midnight Wednesday 17th December. Just enter the code: "christmas" into the coupon section of the order form. (You must have at least one non-sale item in your cart to get the discount). Rebekka is very knowledgeable a helpful and her service is fast. I can't recommend her website highly enough.

Go to Kumfy Kids here.

I am not affiliated with Kumfy Kids, and don't know Rebekka personally... I'm just a very happy customer wanting to spread the word!