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Another Paper Christmas Wreath from my Tutorial

19 December 2008

I'm excited to have another beautiful Christmas Wreath to share with you... this one was made by Amy. She emailed me saying (shared with Amy's permission):

I wanted to write and thank you for the paper wreath tutorial and show you a photo of my finished wreath!
I found the tutorial easy to follow and appreciated all the photos. I didn't have a red ribbon on hand so just made binding from some red Ikea material I had at home. I used one piece of wrapping paper from Kikki K (about $4) which has the red design on one side and the white on the other, so as I went I just flipped the paper over according to which side I though should come next. I made the leaves about 10cm long and was able to cut about 64 from the one sheet of wrapping paper. I didn't need to use them all.
I'm really pleased with the finished product, so many thanks again!

Thanks Amy for sharing the photo and your resourceful tips. Your wreath looks fantastic and I'm glad to hear you found the tutorial easy to follow.