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More on Advent Calendars

30 October 2008

Following up on my post earlier this week about advent calendars I have found some examples that I hope will inspire you. Although the traditional paper and card versions can be nice - see the funky vintage example below - you can make something really fun if you think outside the square.

This vintage advent calendar is from dave at grain edit, via design*sponge. (These 2 blogs are amongst my faves and are daily reads.)

A sweet idea using baby's socks pegged on to a line. Instructions here.
Image Source: Martha Stewart

Various sized boxes pained, numbered and stuck to the wall
(Blu-tac would do the job without damaging the paint).

I like the concept behind this, but I'm not keen on the execution. A different arrangement of the boxes and colour palette could result in a stunning 'installation'.
Image Source: Martha Stewart

There is (of course) a Flikr creative advent calendar group, from which I sourced the following ideas.

I love this simple and contemporary idea of clipping a mixed selection of things to a coat hanger.
Image Source: carambatack, here

Deorated tins.
Image Source: spinningjennie, here

These homemade envelopes would be easy and quick to make.
Image Source: fishbowl fish, here

How divine is this?! Little slipper pouches made from beautiful fabric.
Image Source: Carla Alexandra, here

If you're planning to join me in making an advent calendar be creative with the format and materials and create something that's uniquely yours. Just because the concept of an advent calendar is very traditional - and often people's perception is that they are very, well... folksy - there's no reason why they can't be contemporary and cool, as evidenced by the examples I've shown. Think about using funky wrapping paper, scrapbooking papers, vintage books, maps, or even old letters. Fabrics could include vintage tea towels or tablecloths, felt, hand stamped or painted calico, etc. Take inspiration from trends in homewares and fashion. Look in magazines and on the internet. Get creative!