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Inspiration: Tania Hayes

30 October 2008

Image Source: Tania Hayes

Last week while I was driving I heard the inspirational Tania Hayes talking to Richard Fidler on ABC 702's conversation hour. I got to my destination and sat in the car listening for another 40 minutes because Tania and her story are so compelling.

Tania is the ambassador for Carer's Week, which was last week. When she was just 22 her then fiance Warren was diagnosed with a brain tumour. At the time Tania was an aerobics instructor and Warren worked in real estate - they were young, fit, and in love, with the world at their feet. Following numerous operations, complications and mishaps, and more than a year in hospital, Warren became wheelchair bound and totally dependent on Tania. That was about 13 years ago. Since then Tania has been Warren's fulltime carer and now mother to their 2 year old son.

It is Tania’s ambition to inspire as many people as she can to stay strong throughout even the darkest obstacles in life and never lose hope. Her message is simple: no matter what may befall you, with love on your side, nothing in life is ever impossible.

Tania is the most remarkable, optimistic, vibrant and energetic woman, and her story is compelling and very humbling. She has recently written a book called Love Has No Limits. You can listen to the interview here and read more on Tania's website here.