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I wish I had a way with words

14 October 2008

I wish I had a way with words like Elsita Mora. I wrote about her new papercut blog a couple of days ago (here). She has such a wonderful, excitable and almost childlike way of expressing herself... just gorgeous.
Here's what she wrote today
about sharing her love for the art of papercutting:
I have just fallen in love with the world of papercutting as I said before and my mission is to pass that love to you. Think about getting a cake for your birthday, it is always much more fun when you share that cake with friends and relatives in a big party. I can say that the wonderful world of papercutting is my special cake and it doesn't make any sense to keep it for myself. I want to have a year-round papercut party with you from my new blog. I promise you that we're going to have lots of fun! :)

Visit The Heart of Papercuts here.