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Christmas is coming

16 December 2011

The weeks leading up to Christmas are mad aren't they? I've been at the post office sending orders every day for the past few weeks and the queue is out the door no matter what time or what day I go. I did most of my gift buying online and now I'm waiting on the postie and couriers every day hoping that things will arrive in time for Christmas. But of course there are always more to things buy and I'll have to brave the shops - and the car parks - sometime soon. School broke up today for the 6 week summer holidays. So many things are being left undone...

I'm doing a spot of late night web browsing and I've just had a look at my Google Reader and got a bit ruthless and deleted 86 of the 190 blogs that were in there. I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by the 1000+ unread posts that seemed to be always waiting for me. I remember some time ago Pip deleted everything in her Reader and started again. Inspiring. Scary. I don't think that I'm brave enough to do that just yet! How's your Reader looking?

I just saw these lovely photos on Sania Pell's blog and the pops of fluro caught my eye. And because I haven't done anything terribly creative in terms of Christmas yet I thought I'd share this inspiration with you.

I love the idea of painting baubles, and especially swirling paint inside them (like in the photo below). So simple and stunning. I'm a sucker for Christmas decorations and usually go a bit nuts each year after Christmas when they are seriously marked down. I'm going to buy some clear glass baubles this time with a view to trying the swirly paint idea for next year.

... And fluro pops on berries and flowers. Gorgeous.

All images via Sania Pell.