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My new look

11 March 2011

Well, it's not exactly 'my' new look (Although I secretly do wish that the makeover fairies could work some magic on me!)... my blog has a new look. So if you're reading this in your Reader click on over and check it out. What do you think? Do you like it?

I'm so excited and I'm really happy with it. I wanted the look to be understated and simple, so the actual blog design doesn't detract from the content of my posts. There is still some work for me to do like finally getting a blogroll together, and fixing up the size and placement of the images in the sidebar. Consider them added to my list!

Although I designed the new look it was Lindsay of Lindsay Nicole Design who did all the tricky behind the scenes stuff that turned my design into a fully functional lovely new blog. Lindsay was a dream to work with and I'd highly recommend her if you're thinking of a blog overhaul. Lindsay is a very talented designer herself, so she does custom blog designs as well as having a selection of lovely templates you can choose from. She's very organised and runs the whole process like clockwork. Easy and painless!

When I was working on the redesign of my blog I was thinking about how often I just browse blogs in Google Reader, but how much more enjoyment I get when I am reading the actual blog: looking at the header, the colours, the sidebars, and all the other visuals.  It's so much more pleasurable than just doing a Reader hit and run.

How do you read blogs? Do you take the time to actually visit your favourites?

Roxy wrote this thank you note when she'd just turned 5 (pretty amazing writing!), and I thought I'd include it here to say thanks for coming to my blog[party] and getting out of your Reader comfort zone - if that's where you'd been hanging out.

Have a gorgeous weekend, whatever you're doing. Tomorrow morning we're meeting friends at an organic produce market for a bit of shopping and some breakfast. Then I'll take Roxy to acrobatics (she loves it!), and after that we're going to hang out with some friends by their pool, and go out for dinner. Sunday will be much less organised (thank goodness - I am really looking forward to the activity of tomorrow, but it's also nice to chill out) and I'm hoping to get on top of the housework, and maybe paint some furniture or do some sewing. Now that would be nice.

See you next week.

x Lisa