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Liuli China Museum

06 February 2011

I realised when I was going through some photos over the weekend that I didn't blog about our fantastic holiday in China. Roxy and I went in October last year and had a ball. Luckily for me my then-six-year-old loves going to galleries, shopping and taking in the sights.

These photos are of the amazing stop-you-in-your-tracks exterior of the Liuli China Museum in Shanghai. Looking at architecture is one of my favourite pass times when travelling. I love seeing unique sculptural buildings like this, which are a stark contrast to the oh so 'safe' modern buildings in Sydney (with the notable exception of the Opera House of course). Melbourne has some fantastic modern buildings - granted a lot of them polarise opinion, but I think that's a good thing. It's much better than being boring and bland. Do you have some good examples of modern architecture where you live? What do you like/hate about them?

I'll post some more photos over the coming weeks of our trip.

I hope you had a great weekend. The weather here in Sydney over the past week has been hot, hot, hot, but this afternoon we've had the welcome and long awaited relief of a cooler change. It's been so hot at night that we've hardly slept in days. Roxy and I were awake in bed at 3am this morning eating snacks, playing cards and spraying each other with water.