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a blogiday

22 June 2010

Image:  Holtze Eisma found via Bliss

Is blogiday the right term for a blog holiday? Cos that's what I've decided I need. As you've probably noticed my heart's not been in it for the past few weeks. So I've decided to take a blogiday to focus on other stuff that needs my attention, like, for example... me.

I'll be back soonish, not sure when. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, but if you subscribe or put the red thread in your reader you'll know when I'm back hanging out here again.

In the meantime why don't you leave a comment on this post with a link to a favourite blog that you think I, and my lovely readers, may like. Not your own blog (although your name/id should link to that!), but someone who inspires and delights you through their blog. I'll look forward to visiting your recommendations.

Take care,



Etsy Craft Party :: Sydney

17 June 2010

It's Etsy's birthday tomorrow and people all over the world are organising Craft Parties. The irrepressible Corrie (aka Retro Mummy) has taken on the task of organising a Sydney event for tomorrow night.

The Sydney Craft Party will be held at Notebook magazine's cool new photo studios at Alexandria from 6.30 to 9.30pm tomorrow night, Friday 18th June. There is a cover charge of $20, which includes venue hire and security, a glass of champagne, tea and coffee and a Notebook goodie bag(!). Bring a plate to share, and your craft of course. You can BYO craft or bring along fabric scraps to make hexagons and yo yos, as well as scissors, needle and thread, pins etc.

It's going to be fun. Please join us if you can. It's a great way to connect and bring to [real]life this amazing online community we have.

Tickets must be pre-purchased and are available here.


The photo of those lovely hexies is by Retro Mummy.


Mandala love

Over a year ago I wrote a post about terrariums and featured a photographic mandala by Etsy seller Playnature Productions called Terrarium mold makes the world go round.

I have been thinking about finally getting around to making a terrarium (a year later!), and it prompted me to revisit my post and then to take another look at Playnature, and this is what I found...

This mandala is from a photo of a flower. Breathtaking.


A pick me up from Anthropologie

16 June 2010

I can guarantee I'll always come away in good spirits after a virtual browse at Anthro. I am excited to see that they are now stocking local Sydney gal Samantha Robinson's gorgeous ceramics (top left in both montages).

This lovely spring/summer vibe is just what we need on a cold winter's day don't you think?


Julia Fullerton-Batten :: photographer

Julia Fullerton-Batten created beautiful a three-part project which captures teenage girls in their transition from the relative innocence of girls into women.

These images are from the In Between series.

Aren't they beautiful? The first shot in particular. The lighting and detail in this series of images is amazing.

And these are part of Teenage Stories.

all images: Julia Fullerton-Batten



... for your lovely comments and emails following my last 3 posts. Your thoughts are so appreciated!

As you can see I'm having lots of fun with Hipstamatic, like almost every other blogger!


hello and have a lovely weekend

12 June 2010

So obviously I didn't quite get my blogging mojo back this week. But really it was more than that... I have a lot going on both personally and professionally. I was particularly snowed under with a few corporate design jobs (the ones that pay the bills!). And I made the difficult decision to pull out of this month's Finders Keepers in Brisbane for personal reasons. I'm so disappointed because I was really looking forward to it. Maybe next time...

When I was running the washing up water this morning I returned to the sink to find this huge sudsy love note from the universe (this is exactly how it looked - the photo isn't retouched or anything). Isn't it lovely! I hope your weekend is just as special. See you next week. Promise!



Lost and Found

07 June 2010

Thanks so very much for all your concern and well wishes for Roxy. We really appreciate all your lovely comments and emails. After a week off school she went back today and is doing well.

Lost: I seem to have lost my blogging mojo after a week off. Today I have struggled with the idea of posting. I'm hoping to find it again really soon. Also my google reader is bulging at the seams with 1000+ yet to be read posts. I hate to think what the "+" refers to.

Found: A new (or possibly renewed) love of sewing. I had a lot of sewing to do in prep for Handmade last weekend (which was great) and I have lots of new and fun ideas for things I want to sew and sell. I'm hoping to get a couple off the ground in time for Finders Keepers later this month.

This new/renewed love may have something to do with my reorganised and very visible fabric stash.

My dad restored an old art deco china cabinet for us some years ago and it was in the lounge room with my great grandmother's Shelley dinner set and other bits and pieces in it. I wasn't loving it there so I decided to move it and use it for my fabric - which was previously hidden away, in a bit of a jumble in a cupboard.

I'm loving it now. What do you think? I had meticulously folded and organised all the fabrics in neat piles according to colour, but during the recent sewing frenzy things have become a bit more 'relaxed'. I know my fabric stash is tiny compared to some, but I'm finding it so inspirational. How do you organise your fabric, and where do you store it? Maybe you've blogged about it... post a link if you have one. I'd love to see!

I hope to be back tomorrow... once I locate that damn mojo.