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Vintage finds

16 September 2010

I'm really suffering from a market hangover this week. It's taken me a few days to get my head back into gear after long days and nights last week sewing and preparing for the markets and then the drive to Canberra and two markets in a row. I unpacked the car on Monday morning and didn't really put anything away until yesterday. The house is a mess (especially my work room), washing basket is full to the brim, the blog is neglected, my inbox is overflowing, google reader is at 1000+... Do you have weeks like that? You just feel incapable of getting things on track?

So I'm taking a deep breath and trying to focus.

I thought I'd show you some fab vintage games I recently scored. A complete bingo game and two alphabet stamp sets. Awesome. I just love the typography and design of the bingo lid.