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the weather

27 May 2010


We're all under the weather here at the moment with bad colds.

But something brightened my day today... I received an email saying that I have been accepted into Finders Keepers market in Brisbane. Woohoo, I can't wait.

I spent the day cutting out Hello Birdy Pillows for Handmade next weekend. Next on the list are Ooshkas. I wonder if I could be organised enough to make enough stock for both markets in one go.... wishful thinking perhaps. I'm having lots of fun choosing fabrics from my stash. Isn't that the best part?! Oh yeah, except for buying fabric. Now that's fun. And ripping open the parcel of fabric as soon as you close the door on the postie. I love that bit too.

I can't wait to show you my reorganised and relocated fabric stash which I managed to do last weekend. Now that it's in a cabinet with a glass door I can't stop looking at it. The weather has been so crappy that the light isn't good enough to shoot. I also want to show you some lovely things i received in the mail recently. Hopefully it will brighten up on the weekend.