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Semi-Permanent Sydney

22 March 2010

On Saturday I went to the Semi-Permanent event in Sydney (thanks David for the ticket!). Given that I am a huge fan of Jessica Hische - you can see my previous posts about her work here - I was excited to hear her speak. Jessica was sweet, charming and funny and spoke honestly about her career to date, work and creative process.

And she showed us her tattoos, including the one below and a CMYK one on her forearm, which was extra cute/funny when she told us that her boyfriend has a RGB tatt... because he's an online designer. Sweet.

Image: Jessica Hische

I also saw Tin&Ed's presentation, which was so inspiring. Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting are Melbourne based designers who work across various disciplines, including graphic design, illustration, collage, photography and motion graphics. They were fun, wacky and entertaining and seemed to have a wonderful rapport and collaborative relationship. It was interesting to learn about how they approach their work from new and innovative angles. With a client list that includes The Australian Ballet, Nike, BMW, Visa and MTV-UK, and as the 2009 winners of the Qantas Spirit of Youth Award for Visual Communication, they have the world at their creative feet.

Image: Tin&Ed

Tin&Ed spoke about the creative process involved in a job they did for Visa - from initial concept roughs through to the 3 day set up and shoot of the installation. It involved suspending computer terminals, keyboards and various other technological hardware from the ceiling by fishing wire.

Side on there's not much sense to be made from the hanging pieces...

but from the front...

Images: Tin&Ed

There were 12 speakers over 2 days, and I'm disappointed now that I didn't get to attend for longer. I find it incredibly fascinating and inspirational to learn about the creative process and drive of designers across many different disciplines - next year I plan to attend for the full 2 days in Sydney.

Semi-Permanent is coming to Brisbane, Aukland, Melbourne and Perth soon, so if you are into design I'd highly recommend going along.