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Pipped at the post

29 March 2010

As a blogger, does this ever happen to you: you visit one of your favourite blogs to find out that they have just featured something you were about to post about?

It's happened to me now 3 times in the last few days...

Last Monday when I wrote about Tin&Ed I'd been looking at some great shots of their workspace on the fantastic Where They Create, and was intending to post about this fabulous site. Then on Friday Holly posted about it on the always lovely and inspirational decor8. There goes that one.

Images: Where They Create
(top: Tin&Ed, above: Printink)

Also on Friday lovely Lucy from the wonderful Australian design blog, The Design Files, posted an interview with awesome paper artist Benja Harney. I'd spent a few hours a couple of nights before looking through Benja's portfolio and reading about his creative process and career. Being a lover of paper art, I was really excited to have found Benja's amazing body of work and started putting together a post for this week. Ah, too late now. Be sure to check out Lucy's interview and look at the incredible work Benja's done.

Images: Benja Harney

This morning, on my first port of call, The Design Files, there's a profile of Tinker, Australian textile designers/printers. I had a lovely chat to Nadia of Tinker at Life Instyle last month and absolutely loved their new range of fabrics and homewares. Unfortunately they only had samples at the show and none of them were for sale, otherwise I would have been showing them to you in my home! Naturally Tinker was added to my list titled 'must blog about', but I'm too late. Too slow. Head over to The Design Files to see images of the Tinker range. The colours and patterns are to die for.

Image: Tinker (Printink)

Of course I could always just go ahead with my blog posts this week, but it makes me feel a bit 'me too' when they come hot on the heals of 'the biggies'. On the upside, it does make me feel like I have my finger on the pulse. There's always an upside isn't there!

Has this happened to you too? What do you do?