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Japanese Washi Tape :: Mini Bunting Tutorial

18 March 2010

After I returned from my first trip to Japan with a mountain of gorgeous washi paper tape I started to make mini bunting out of it. The tape is now quite readily available online so I thought I'd make a quick tutorial for my mini bunting. It's fast and fun and with all the colours and patterns available you can make lots of different variations.

You'll need: Japanese washi tape and embroidery floss, or waxed thread, thin string, or similar.

Start by choosing your colours and cutting lengths of tape. The length will depend on how big you want your bunting flags to be. Mine vary in size, but they're roughly about 4.5cm (or about one and 3/4 inches). Cut your tape twice that length. There's no need to measure them though - half the charm is in the variation of size.

Cut a piece of embroidery floss to the length you want your bunting to be and lay it out in front of you.

Take a piece of tape and place it sticky side up under the floss. The floss should be about half way down the tape. Carefully fold the tape over the floss making sure the edges line up. It's easier than it sounds and if the edges don't align the paper tape is easy to lift up so you can try again.

If you are making a double width flag place a second piece of tape next to and underneath the first one so that they overlap slightly. Fold the second piece of tape over.

Cut a straight edge along the bottom of the flag then cut a triangle up into the center. Or if you'd like triangular flags cut up from the center bottom to the top corner on both sides of the flags.

Mix up the colours and patterns when making your flags. With this design I like to space the flags unevenly apart and vary their size for more interest. But with triangular flags I think a more even approach is better. But experiment, mix it up and have fun.

When your bunting is the desired length hang it up using a couple of pieces of washi tape. Easy!

If you're looking to buy some of this gorgeous tape you might try these 548 results from an Etsy search.