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Bouquets to Eat Alive

06 January 2010

I love it when an artist or designer makes me look at something everyday in a new way. I'd never thought of making a bouquet solely from vegetables, which is what Janena Loeve did in her series Bouquets to Eat Alive for Dutch Design week in 2009. Don't the colours and shapes make stunning arrangements, and each creation comes with a recipe which uses the vegetables in the bouquet. Genius!

I think it would make a really lovely gift - something inexpensive and personal that you could create yourself. Imagine the fun you could have finding recipes and making beautiful recipe cards to accompany your vegetable bouquet.

They tick all the boxes for lovely, unique, handmade gifts on a budget. Healthy and delicious too! How would you feel about receiving a vegetable bouquet? I think I'd be tickled... but I'm not sure how my mother in law would react if I gave her one.

Found via, and all images from, Deezeen.