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Loving :: Pony Rider

09 October 2009

I do not need any more cushions. Let me say that again for my own benefit... I do not need any more cushions. But oh my, what about these gorgeous ones I spied in Inside Out this week! I'm am seriously coveting the ribbon design. Love it.

These gorgeous homewares are by new label Pony Rider and they're designed and made here in Australia.

Pony Rider is about celebrating the beauty in the ordinary everyday things
biting into an overripe plum and in need of a soft tea towel

cracking the top of a creme brulee with a hand printed napkin in your lap

wrapping a pot of freshly brewed tea in a tea towel to stay warm

curling up on cushions on the lounge to read the weekend papers

using the 'good' linen for the everyday

I'm trying hard to resist the urge to buy one... if you just have to do it, visit the Pony Rider shop. You might see me there!

All images via Pony Rider.