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Lovely Package Exchange

02 September 2009

So I signed up for the Lovely Package Exchange (see my previous post if you're lost already) and I sent my package off to America last week. I was very excited to receive a parcel this week from my exchange partner Jessica. True to the theme of the exchange Jessica wrapped everything beautifully, including the label and decorative tape on the packing box. It was so much fun opening all the little packages, but I still remained focused enough to take some photos!

Not only was the packaging beautiful, but the gifts were so thoughtful. Amongst other things they included a lovely journal, and beautiful notepad and gorgeous ceramic bee charm, both of which which Jessica made herself. I also particularly loved the little tags Jessica stamped for each gift. Aren't the sweet? Thank you lovely Jessica!

If you'd like to see some of the other packages you can visit the flickr group for the Lovely Package Exchange. I didn't take any photos before I posted my parcel off to Jessica, but here are some she took, and you can see more on her blog.

It is such a lovely idea and was so much fun. I'm also participating in another one (from another blog) at the moment. I'm thinking that maybe I could organise something similar here on the red thread in a few months. What do you think?