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Custom Stamps from Imprintables

03 July 2009

It's sometimes tricky to find a lovely original gift for children, that's why these personalised stamps are a great idea. Roxy, aged 5 (and a half, thank you) is so into putting her name on everything I'm sure she'd love one of these stamps from Imprintables.

Image Source: Imprintables

Nathalie, the creative force behind Imprintables also has a great selection of coloured stamp pads to choose from, as well as a number of different stamp designs. She suggests children could use the stamps to create personalised stationery, book name plates, or as a signature on artwork or little notes to friends.

Have a look at the Imprintables website to see design and colour options, and if you're hosting a child's birthday party check out the Imprintables blog for some lovely ideas, and the website for invitations and more.