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My new friends :: the Sweetie Petites

29 July 2009

I'd like to introduce to you some little friends of mine - you'll be able to meet them in person at the show.

Mimi, Molly, Daisy and Ginger softie kits will be available at The Stitches and Craft Show and on my website. As yet I only have some dodgy samples made from fabric printed from my HP printer so I can't show you what the finished Sweeties look like. But they're cute! They are about 16.5cm (or 6.5 inches) tall, and their little companions are about 4.5cm (1.75 inches). The fabric panel in the kits has the front and back of the Sweetie and her friend and some other little bits and pieces. The kit will also contain the stuffing and some ribbon to make a loop if you'd like to hang them up. And some instructions of course.

I am also designing some cards featuring the Sweeties, and need to get them off to the printer today.

This week I am going to be finalising my designs for embroidery panels. There are some vintage-style, Japanese kawaii (cute) style, and some simple Scandinavian influenced designs as well.

Then in the last couple of weeks I'll be furiously making lots of samples to give you some ideas on how I would use the embroidery panels and some other fabric panels I'm having printed. I also want to make some cards and collages to sell.

The next 3 weeks leading up to the show are going to be really busy, but as my husband and friends would tell you I thrive under a tight deadline. I'm not one to plod along slow and steadily, I tend to get on with things when I have lots of time, but the pressure of a looming deadline really revs me up and gets me focused. Despite the inevitable stress I'm looking forward to getting things done in the next few weeks.