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Etsy Search Top 10: Mobile

11 June 2009

After creating my Summer Tweets I thought it would be fun to see what came up on Etsy when I used 'mobile' for my keyword search.

Blossom Baby Modern Mobile from pukapuka
Giclee Print by Jenn Ski
Calamity Jane from Salty and Sweet
Cherry Blossoms - Butterflies in Blue from Round House Designs

Mobile Idea Factory from Pearson Maron
Baby Pom Mobile from Pom Love
Modern Mobile from Baby Darling
Glow Bowls from One Blackbird

Cloud Mobile by Madeleine Sargent
Wing and Petal Strand from Royal Buffet
The Four Seasons Mini Cushion Set from Bailey Doesn't Bark

Just in case you were counting... yes, there are 11 this week. It suited my layout better (always the designer!)