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Esther Coombs :: Layering New and Old

09 June 2009

I think I am developing a thing for repurposed china, lately I seem to have blogged about a few artists giving vintage pieces a new lease of life. I really love the concept, and adore the look.

I stumbled on Esther Coombs gorgeous work while having a look around Etsy over the weekend. I think I spend way too much time looking at all the beautiful handmade and vintage things there... it's easy for an hour or two to slip by unnoticed. Do you find that too?

In Esther's words: I want to mix the old treasure and narratives these items possess with the new story I layer onto them. It's also a little bit good for the world to use these discarded items of others, re-invent and renew them to fill our homes anew.

Esther's lovely creations are different to others I've featured in that she draws directly on to each piece rather than using transfers. Her illustrations and linework are bold, strong and confident, but somehow still delicate. I love the contrast between the florals of the original pieces and Esthers line drawings which almost have the feel of an architect's sketch.

And oh, those beautiful cake stands!

Aren't the solid colours in those cups and saucers so lovely: the pastels of the '50s and '60s and the olive and brown combo which is unmistakably '70s.

Visit Esther's very well stocked Etsy shop, website and blog for more.