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Hello, I'm back!

25 May 2009

Hello! I hope you had a great week and weekend. Tokyo was fabulous - I ate lots of sushi, walked and walked, bought lots of art supplies, books and fabrics, and was inspired by absolutely everything I saw.

But I had a shocking head cold the entire time (still do) and I missed my little Roxy so much that I came home 2 days early! Despite my moments of feeling sick and blue, I loved being there and had 5 very full and exhausting days doing and seeing what I wanted without having to think about what anyone else wanted to do. It made for a nice change! I'll start my show and tell tomorrow. For now, here's some random images.

And just to give you an idea of the extent of my shopping.... I left home with everything packed inside a carry on sized bag (with room to spare). The carry on bag was packed inside my suitcase along with an empty plastic tube for my paper purchases. Total weight: 12kg.

On the return trip my big suitcase weighed 20kg (the allowed limit), my carry on case weighed 16kg(!), plus I had a shopping bag full of books - 7kg worth - and my plastic tube full of paper, and my messenger bag. Total weight: about 46kg! I have to say that it was struggle with my 25+kgs of carry on luggage in transit at Coolangatta. At the so-called international terminal you have to disembark via stairs onto the tarmac, and go back the same way. But it was worth it to get away with not having to pay $20/kg for excess baggage.

More on Tokyo tomorrow...