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Etsy Search Top 10: Nesting Bowls

14 May 2009

There's something inherently beautiful about a set of nesting bowls. They look like a little nurturing family, all cosied up together. It may have been because of Mothers Day, but something made me have a poke around Etsy this week for nesting bowls.

Clockwise from top left:
5 White Nesting Bowls by Sara Paloma

Clockwise from top left:
Cotton Nesting Bowls by Kobo H
Nesting Bowls in Vanilla Azure by D Babcock
Pinwheel Nesting Bowls by Catherine Reece
Nesting Heart Bowl Set by Red Hot Pottery

Aqua Nesting Bowl Set by Karin Lorenc
Set of Hand-Turned Nesting Bowls by Moon Raker Turning