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Easter doesn't have to mean chocolate calories

20 March 2009

Now, I love chocolate as much as the next chocoholic, but really, I'd rather not be given a year's supply at Easter. Which got me thinking about other Easter gifts, and there doesn't seem to be much around that appeals to me.

So... I'd like to introduce you to The Red Thread Chalkboard Eggs. They are a fun and quirky gift for Easter, or any time really. I have one on my desk and I am constantly doodling on it. How sweet would it be to write little notes to your par amour on one of these? The chalk just washes off so you can have unlimited fun writing and drawing on your egg.

My Chalkboard Eggs are real ostrich eggs that sit on little nests which I have handmade. They are much stronger than your everyday chicken's egg - they're about as strong as a ceramic piece. And the nests have been treated so they are solid and sturdy. The height of the eggs varies between 13 and 17cm (about 5 to 7.5 inches).

Easter is only 3 weeks away, so if you'd like to order one of these great gifts get cracking and send me an email: hello [at] theredthread [dot] com [dot] au. Or go to my website. As with all my work, I will ship internationally... the clock is ticking...

And if you mention you're a reader of my blog when you order I'll draw a little love bunny on your egg if you like. :)

I'm hoping next year to have a range of my handpainted eggs for sale! This year I am taking special orders for them, so email me if you're interested.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday.