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I *Heart* Fridays: I *Heart* Design Festa (aka Japan Part 2)

23 January 2009

If you're in Tokyo in May or November a visit to Design Festa is a must.

Design Festa, a two day event which started in 1994, boasts over 7,000 artists from 70 countries exhibiting and selling their work. There are 2600 booths, an outdoor live-show stage, an indoor stage, a mini-theater space and a Restaurant and Cafe/Bar Area.

Some of the business cards I collected at Design Festa.

Both amateur and professional artists exhibit, including painters and illustrators, photographers, multi media artists, crafters, fashion and accessory designers, installation artists and performance artists. A lot of the exhibitors are just starting out and have unique and beautiful creations to sell. The vibe is buzzy and friendly. It truly is amazing to experience and things are very affordable. And even if you don't buy anything, (I can't imagine that happening! I really wish I'd bought more) it's a great day out and a fantastic experience. There are also fashion shows and performance art as well as live bands, film and animation screenings. Too much to squeeze into one day.

The exhibitors selling their goods from the booths generally spend the weekend decorating the white walls they have been provided. The results are fantastic.

I bought a lot of postcards - most of the artisits have their work on cards, which is a nice and inexpensive way to collect their art. I also got these sweet fabric brooches which I framed. (You can see them framed in the photo below of my office)

And this "sleep in flower" artwork. The artist actually painted/drew it while I waited - he was incredibly fast, it took less than a half hour. A bargain at $15! The second photo is the completed piece in a crowded corner of my office.

These adorable painted bottle tops are brooches, but I think I'll put them in a series of little frames.

I am so tempted to go back to Japan and Design Festa again this year. There are some great air fares on offer... hmmm... must make more money!

More about shopping in japan next week.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend.

Update January 26: Design Lovely asked if I could share some of the websites of the artists who's business cards I showed. They all have the same 2 addresses listed. Check them out here and here.