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Where is she heading now?!

02 December 2008

When I started this blog a few short months ago my aim was to make it a collection of the things around me that inspire me, things I observe or mean something to me, and a record of things I create. And that's still what it's about.

I guess I'm writing this post because looking back at the last few weeks the content of this blog has really been focused on crafty Christmas projects. That's a reflection of my head space at the moment. I have always loved Christmas and it was a wonderful time in my family when I was growing up. Each year Mum made a big deal out of decorating and cooking for Christmas and the actual day was spent with our extended family: my Nanna, Mum's brothers and their families. There were never any dramas or angst in my family when I was growing up, so my memories of Christmas - like all my childhood - are quite idyllic.

After my dear Mum passed away neither my Dad nor I had any interest in Christmas for a few years. We still saw family, but didn't decorate the tree or do the things we had always loved to do. It was obviously a really sad time for us. Then I became a mother myself and I was once again filled with the excitement and joy of the season. (Of course my sadness and loss are still very tangible especially now that my lovely Dad is no longer here either.) I want to make Christmas a magical and memorable time for Roxy - just like my parents did for me.

I'm telling you all this my friends because this blog is a reflection of me, and this time of year I'm filled with the joy of Christmas through the eyes of my darling daughter. Like my Mum I love to fill the house with wonderful things I've made and a more importantly with a spirit of family and love.

Of course a designer and an artist is who I am and I'll always find inspiration in many things which I'll share with you. I realise that my this blog is quite eclectic, and I hope you continue to find things that interest you here.

Thanks for stopping by, and for your feedback, support and friendship!