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I *Heart* Fridays: I *Heart* Anthropologie

17 October 2008

I wish we had Anthropologie stores here in Australia. I SO love their products. If you're unfamiliar with Anthropologie, they are a US chain similar to Country Road, but only in the sense that they are a big retail chain with stores in all the major shopping malls and shopping destinations. Also like Country Road they do homewares as well as fashion. But that's where the similarities stop. We have nothing that compares to Anthropologie here. Their style is mostly a mix of ethnic and retro inspirations: a riot of detail, colour and pattern. My friend Shauna lives in LA, a few minutes walk from the Anthropologie flagship store - I'm so envious. Their window displays and in store merchandising are reported to be very innovative and amazing. Shauna and I often email back and forth while looking at Anthropologie online, sharing our finds and gushing over particular pieces. The clothes, the shoes, the jewellery, even the shower curtains are unlike anythng we that's available here. And mostly I think things are reasonably priced.

I really *heart* the level of detail that goes into everything they sell. And their website is gorgeous. I've complied a few montages to show you some things I love.

I am particularly coveting this Orla Kiely Flower Blossom wallpaper. I would LOVE to use it in my house.

Visit the Anthropologie website to see all the lusciousness.

Happy looking and happy Friday!