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School holidays and keeping it real

05 October 2012

Two weeks of holidays are drawing to a close - school goes back next week. Yesterday we decided to spend a quiet afternoon crafting after spending the morning with friends which involved lots of antics in the pool for the kids. To get the craft things we wanted we had to brave the garage which is piled high with boxes that still need to be unpacked since our move 6 months ago. The boxes mostly contain all those things that you're not sure where to put or if you really want them at all. You know those ones? The last to be packed and the last to be unpacked. All compounded by the fact that we moved from a three bedroom house to a one and a bit bedroom apartment. The boxes are numbered and I have a list of what's in them but it's the sheer volume that's daunting.

But I digress...  I know a couple of weeks ago I promised to show you my under $200 bathroom makeover. And this week I said I'd blog about artist Tiel Seivl-Keevers and the painting I have of hers. But instead I'm going to show you the state of my apartment this morning because I couldn't shoot the images I need for those blog posts. It's totally not blog worthy, so the point of this post is to keep it real. School holidays as a work-from-home single parent with no help is super demanding and tricky to say the least.

Summer has well and truly arrived here in Sydney and that meant hauling out the summer clothes and getting Roxy to try things on to see if they still fit. There they are all over the sofa in my bedroom, as well as clothes from yesterday and Roxy's (enormous!) softies. The crafting mess is still on the dining table together with a half eaten packet of crackers Roxy opened this morning and boxes of craft stuff still on the floor. My desk and the area around it is piled high with things that need sorting. The bin needs emptying. Look familiar?

School is back next week, so I hope then to be able to finally finish the bathroom, swap over the summer and winter clothes, find a place for all the craft things and get sorted enough to take the photos and share the promised posts. No promises on getting the garage sorted any time soon though.