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INSPIRATION :: Basket Weaving

10 October 2012

Over the weekend I learnt how to weave a basket from rattan and palm inflorecence. Catriona Pollard held a one-off class in conjunction with her exhibition at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery. It was so satisfying to learn how to weave and to come away with such a beautiful object.

I took this photo of some of her pieces at the exhibition. Take a look at Catriona's blog to see more of  her creations.

Harriet Goodall, another Sydney-based artist and weaver, recently held a class at Megan Morton's The School where they made these rattan baskets dipped in neon paint. So gorgeous.

These beauties were made by traditional weavers of the Basket Weavers of North Queensland.

Weaving with a conscience: German artist Cordula Kehrer's Bow Bins. Cordula works with traditional craftspeople in The Phillipines using sustainably harvested rattan and broken plastic bins.

I'm hooked on weaving now. It was such a lovely and relaxing way to spend Saturday afternoon. Weaving is time consuming but so satisfying. I'm now experimenting with different materials and techniques and will put together a little 'how to' in the coming weeks. Weaving and macrame - my two new obsessions. Watch this space!

Are you enjoying any new-to-you crafts at the moment?

Image Sources: The School, Basket Weavers of North Queensland, Cordula Kehrer - as linked above. All other images Lisa Tilse for the red thread.